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What is your INDYCAR holiday wish?

Zachary Houghton
| Dec 16, 2011

As we prepare to celebrate the holidays, INDYCAR Nation thought it would be fun to ask around the "paddock" to see what’s on the holiday wish lists of various drivers and team personnel:

Randy Bernard (CEO, INDYCAR)
I would wish for double digit growth in TV ratings and attendance.

Marco Andretti (Driver, Andretti Autosport)
A safe & successful 2012. At least 6 wins and an Indy 500......& world peace :)

Shannon McIntosh (Driver, USF2000)
My holiday wish this year was answered early!  For the first time in my career, I have a primary corporate sponsor on board--TrueCar! As racecar drivers, our wish each year is to have our plans in place for the following season and with the sponsorship in place from TrueCar, adding the team component isn't as daunting. I couldn't be more thankful and excited to spend the holidays celebrating with my family.

Ryan Hunter-Reay (Driver, Andretti Autosport)
My holiday wish for 2011 is to somehow get my home office done before things start getting real busy preparing for the 2012 season. I spend quite a bit of time in it during the week between races at home, but it’s been the last project on our home list. We’ve lived in our house for almost 2 years now and my office still looks like we moved in 3 months ago!

Connor De Phillippi (Driver, Mazda Road To Indy)
For this holiday, I would like a few long term partners to move me up the Mazda Road to Indy ladder into the Firestone Indy Lights Series! I can handle the rest from there. Well, maybe a private jet as well to save on traveling costs?

Josh Freund (Chief Mechanic, Andretti Autosport)
A Borg-Warner trophy. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

Charlie Kimball (Driver, Novo Nordisk Ganassi Racing)
Beyond Stanford winning the Fiesta Bowl, I am looking forward to getting home to California and spending the holidays with my family and friends.  It will be the perfect way to prepare for the 2012 INDYCAR season.

Michael Young (Announcer, everywhere there’s an INDYCAR race)
I wish for a real life Elephant Ear machine. Or how bout…I wish for everyone to have an opportunity to get a picture next to the 2-seater without a helmet. Or how bout…I wish for a brand new wind sock for my microphone. Or how bout…I wish for this years Rookie class to have lots of vowels in their names so I can reeeeally drag them out during driver introductions.

James Hinchcliffe (Driver, IZOD IndyCar Series)
A few years ago, I asked for my two front teeth. Well, I got those now so...I don't know...to keep my two front teeth?! I've grown pretty fond of them. Oh, no wait, I've got it! Feetie pajamas! I've always wanted feetie pajamas. Please, Santa!

Sage Karam (Driver, Star Mazda Series)
I wish that Dan Wheldon’s family finds peace and that the entire racing community learns and grows from his loss.

Monica Hilton (Public Relations, HVM Racing)
My Christmas wish is for the INDYCAR family to have a safe and enjoyable holiday season, remembering how lucky we are to have each other. And... an Audi R8. Please and thank you. :)

Anders Krohn (Driver, Firestone Indy Lights)
My holiday wish, much like other race car drivers with no current contract, is simply to be in a competitive seat for the upcoming season. If this happens then I will call Christmas a success (laughing).

Trevor Anthony Pitzel (Emcee, INDYCAR Fan Village)
I received a tremendous gift in becoming a part of the INDYCAR family and truly wish for that to continue. I wish for even bigger crowds at the Fan Village next season, more creative contestants to entertain us, a couple flawless interviews and of course, new songs to jam out too! Oh, and a Chicago Bulls Championship, plus a Cubs World Series Championship and a couple roles on big TV shows would be great! Happy Holidays!

Adair Ahlers (Client Services, Andretti Autosport)
Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is for every team, crew and driver to be safe in the 2012 season. Oh, and an Indy 500 win would be great too!
(PS- I replaced the usual milk and cookies with Dr. Pepper and Venom – have to love sponsor loyalty!)

Jay Howard (Driver, IZOD IndyCar Series)
My holiday wish is to have my full time IndyCar deal signed before Christmas day; that would be the ultimate present :) My mum always told me that Santa gives presents to the well behaved kids, I'm being good, I promise Santa!!!! In addition to this, as I have been an extra good boy this year, can you train my Bulldog Arthur, he has issues! That's it, thanks!

Anne Fischgrund (Marketing, INDYCAR)
I wish for all INDYCAR Nation members, especially Champions, to have a safe and happy holiday season. I hope they reflect on the amazing experiences INDYCAR Nation was able to provide them, and will potentially purchase memberships for friends and family members this year. This opportunity is now available on themembership experience page!  Also, travel packages, tickets, and diecast cars make for great stocking stuffers! I am sure any member of your family would be ecstatic to receive an INDY 500 VIP Package through INDYCAR Nation. I know I would…and there are only a handful left! (plug plug plug)

Logan Gomez, (Driver, Indy Racing Experience 2-seater and Firestone Indy Lights)
Driving Santa in a 2-seater through the Speedway, IN streets in front of thousands of families….pretty good holiday so far! But oh yeah, um, a full-time seat for next season would be perfect. Surely Santa can trade that out, right?

Pork Chop (Famous IndyCar, HVM Racing)
I want to race again. Can I just do the 500? Please?

On behalf of INDYCAR Nation, here’s hoping you have a wonderful holiday season, a Happy New Year, and a great 2012 with INDYCAR!

Zachary Houghton runs www.indycaradvocate.com, which features regularly-updated INDYCAR, IZOD IndyCar Series, and Mazda Road to Indy interviews, commentary, and more. You can find him on Twitter at @indycaradvocate.


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  16. 16 Danny Carey 22 Dec
    I want to see Bryan Clauson do well in the Indy 500 and Jacob Wilson win the 2012 Indy Lights Championship for Belardi.
  17. 17 Jeff Downer Indianapolis Indiana 22 Dec
    More ovals on the schedule and just to prove I'm open minded, my favorite track, Road America.  Please.
  18. 18 Dewey Redman 21 Dec
    Dear Santa - Please add about a dozen more turns to each oval on the schedule.
  19. 19 Cindy 21 Dec
    I hope for major growth in IndyCar :)  My big wish is that all of the drivers are safe and the new DW12 is everything Dan Wheldon dreamed it to be!  May the Wheldon Family and IndyCar community find peace this season :-)   You'll always be in our hearts DW <3
  20. 20 Cora 20 Dec

    I wish people will stop making fun of me for being a race fan. Annnnnnd, I wish the off season wasn't so longggggg! 

  21. 21 coal 20 Dec

    Love it!!!! I wish not only that the tv and radio listeners grow, I wish we could rival ratings for NASCAR

  22. 22 Chuck Burns 20 Dec

    I wish that Michigan, Chicagoland, Miami, and Kentucky Speedway would 'all' be back on the IndyCar Schedule as well as the Road Course at Watkins Glenn. Also that all the Champion Members of IndyCar Nation and Ann Fischgrund, Liza Markle, Michael Young, and all the staff and drivers of all the Series have all their wishes come true. See ya' all in March!!!!


  23. 23 Corey_Layman 19 Dec
    @raceless.... i love that idea!
  24. 24 Dennis McElhoe 18 Dec

    As an Indycar fan of 45+ years, I wish for (1) a very safe season for all and (2) more than just four ovals on the 2012 schedule.

  25. 25 raceless 18 Dec
  26. 26 Aimee 17 Dec

    I like Randy B's wish: "I would wish for double digit growth in TV ratings and attendance." I have a feeling that INDYCAR's audience is growing, as more people discovery the intricacies of the sport.

  27. 27 Dennis 16 Dec
    HVM  -  Audi....Simona ???

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