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FAN BLOG: Introducing The Fast 6

Cody & Elliott @TheFast6
| May 19, 2011
For most race fans, the month of May is synonymous with the kickoff of the true start to the race season. After the frost of the off-season has thawed and the weather starts to warm, so too does the on-track action.  The month of May includes the kickoff to the Formula 1 European leg and NASCAR's two weeks in Charlotte, but the most important race in history is set to take place in Indianapolis, the 100th Anniversary Indy 500.

For us, the attention was solely on Indianapolis and Opening Weekend.  After a long night of debauchery in Cincinnati, we arrived at the Speedway around 10 a.m.  So there we stood in the infield, car parked and ready to begin the short trek to the garage area.  Thanks to the generous restroom facility man, we hitched a ride to the Pagoda.  From there, it was a short walk to the paddock, where we were greeted with the presence of Team Penske drivers Will Power and Ryan Briscoe (I suppose Helio was busy dancing around his motor coach).  For fans that purchase a bronze badge, the access given get at such a hallowed venue is unparalleled.  Imagine trying to navigate the garage area of Daytona International Speedway during the run-up to the Daytona 500.  That’s right, not gonna happen.  In other words, it goes without saying that the bronze badges are well worth their weight in gold at only $100, and that’s good for the entire month of May! 

The afternoon was comprised of spotty rain showers with little sunshine, making on-track action more difficult as the day went on.  No bother, this is where fans excel.  Cram us into sheltered or covered areas and the mouths go crazy.  Stories that date back to the great Jimmy Clark and Sir Jackie Stewart are told with the same fervor as rabid alcohol-induced opinions about current drivers like Tracy and Bourdais.  Some speak of Danica and why she will win the 500 this year, while others give Marco the nod to break the curse.  Whatever the opinion, tale, story, or incoherent rambling, you’ll never see anything like this anywhere else in the world.  Everytime I come back to THE Speedway, I’m reminded of just why I fell in love with the sport to begin with.  Is it the rich history? Or perhaps the technology? Maybe it is the bravery and skill?  Gorgeous women?  The only answer I can utter is yes.  This is the greatest race in the world.

Rain ultimately closed up the action for the rest of the day and fans began to filter out.  As we left the track, we spawned ideas for our group of driver/team themed race weekends.  You see, we are generally made up of a group of six friends who travel to a number of races each and every season, usually carrying with us a theme for the weekend.  Perhaps you saw us in the black and red morphsuits at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course last August, or was it Kentucky Speedway, donning blonde mullets?  Wherever we go, we like to leave a mark.  That is, a mark for the fans, the people who work hard and want to have a good time, never taking themselves too seriously.  After much consideration, we termed ourselves The Fast 6 and you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and at various points around a track near you.  Don’t be shy tweeps! Follow us at @TheFast6 for special promotions and tweet-ups in the coming weeks!

By Sunday morning, the rain had really set in and didn’t look to let up.  Regardless, back to the track we went.  A couple of beers and a breakfast of trackfood, we were ready to scout out some more areas around the infield.  With no cars on track, lots of rainfall, and some of the coldest temperatures for the month of May, the museum started to look extremely cozy.  If you’ve never experienced the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, you need to.  At only $5, it is a must see, with memorabilia and automobilia that makes anything else look like, well, just a used car lot. 

The afternoon was nothing but a pure misty rain. It was a cold mess that had many of us questioning whether or not “Here Come the Mummies” would even make the stage at 3:30.  Perhaps the most entertaining point of the weekend, the fun-loving comedy band, made up of musicians dressed as mummies, gave fans what they’d been waiting for.  For us, it was a nice way to close opening weekend at the Speedway, and much like our own style… ridiculous, overboard, but great fun to be around. 

You won’t hear us re-cap much about the on-track action.  That’s what indycar.com has a news section for, but if you enjoy a different perspective that strives to make the fans seen and heard, give us a shout at thefast6@gmail.com or follow on Twitter at @TheFast6.  We’d love to hear other fan stories and meet up with new and interesting people! See you for Pole Day, May 21st!

Follow INDYCAR Nation Champion members Cody & Elliott as they entertain and delight us throughout the season. twitter.com/TheFast6


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